The Movies that inspired GTAV's Missions #1


Rockstar takes inspiration from more than just cars for their games. This video showcases some of the best examples of movie scenes that inspired mission actions within GTAV.

If you have suggestions on other movies, shows, cars, games, or anything else used as inspiration by Rockstar in GTAV or their other games, let me know!

I love making these videos. Is it wrong of Rockstar to use other peoples ideas? Have you seen these movies (Terminal Velocity is so bad it’s almost good…)? I was thinking, I wonder what movies will be used in GTA VI…

My previous video showing the rockstar design inspirations from the GTAV Arena Wars Update:

Speedrunning Breakdown on the Jewel Store Job: (My series Casual vs Speedrun)

Full A-Team Assault Clip: (It kept denying me from making the video public with this clip as-is, hence why I butchered it in the video!)

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I watched 7 movies to make this video and got to call it «working» :)


Олег Романенко
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  1. FriendlyBaron

    hello im makin videos again, don't worry casual vs speedrun will be back within a week, i had to take last week off for life and financial reasons, so figured i'd end my break by giving myself a break from CvS, i love it but i want to make other things. updates and video notices @ cause youtube often wont notify and stuffs. im also deciding to open a patreon because i am VERY close to being able to go full-time streamer/youtuber but youtube has cut ad ratios lately, so its either patreon or taking sponsors, so if you want to help me out financially for some neat lil benefits, you can do so here

    (if you reply to this comment i will read it but youtube makes it hard to reply to, if you want a reply then add a new comment to the video, not to this pin, thanks!)

  2. Philaaap poo

    my video lags when you speed it up :(

  3. JanoschNr1

    Funny, almost saw every mentioned movie but first realize the similaitys now

  4. JOVIC Production

    You did a great job here! ☺ I was thinking to make the video about this but I didn't know all this movies, just Heat for Blitz Play mission and The Italian Job which is more like The Big score mission. ☺

  5. The DylanPlayer

    Ive never seen the ejector seat scene with the jb700

  6. The DylanPlayer

    I've never seen that cutscene with Michael surrounded by monkeys and taken by a UFO, when he is drugged by his son

  7. Bryan Bello

    5:59 For me, I thought of the movie “Black Dog” where there is a semi truck chase scene.

  8. Chance Buchanan

    The jewel store heist was also based on a true story

  9. Colten Buckley

    I need to replay the story cuz I don't remember the mission where you shoot down the plane

  10. GG Gamer

    When you have seen the movie and you say yea I’ve seen this movie

  11. Bladimir Diaz

    What car is that on gta 5 the copy of the corvette?

  12. RAPID

    7:40 this ia awesome the a team is my favorite movie and gta 5 in my favorite game

  13. codemns

    ejecto seato cuz

  14. Sean Taylor

    The mission where Trevor rob's Floyds work place

  15. هاني رمزي


  16. PoliceModderV8

    0:07 it’s based on g35. Tell me what you guys think

  17. Carolinny Maciel

    Who is looking at 2020deadly SINS

  18. GTA5Map Explorer

    They talked about Carcer City in the Paleto Bay heist which is the setting of Manhunt

  19. Obito Uchiha

    What about the no country for old men outfit for Trevor and random event

  20. stef.lone.lasagna

    3:32 yooo that’s crazy but, like, who asked?

  21. oceanicabi 13

    5:45 Is she Trevor ex girlfriend?

  22. EarthlyMix 567

    3:01 Heads Up! It’s ROCKFORD Hills not Richman Hills although Richman and Richman Glen are areas in GTA, Richman is north of L.S., Rockford Hills is in Central-Northeast L.S. where this takes place…😀😀

  23. Mavericko YT

    Cerberus is actually from a film called ’Duel’ btw

  24. PSINXS

    Dont forget the random events of the drug deal from No Country for Old Men and the cliff jump from Thelma and Louise

  25. JintySteam

    GTA 5 is just a whole interactive movie that you act in yourself.

  26. JintySteam

    I'm gonna guess the motorcycles racing down the sewer tunnels is a reference to the Italian Job

  27. Iustin Infinite

    I watched one of the movies yesterday lol

  28. ChronicBongitis420

    The Israelis put semtex in a cellphone before that movie was a thing

  29. Cromic GG

    Beverly Hills isn’t a reference everyone does that robbing a jewellery store

  30. 1ZosoLZ

    You forgot one movie, No Country For Old Men. You come across a Mexican standoff from a random event

  31. Efe Akpomiemie

    Man you make good videos

  32. el mismisimo

    Thanks for show at the end the guy in the movie survive

  33. Zenko Z31

    The elegy is a spin on a toyota concept car, not supposed to be a gtr. Yes i know the classic is but they realized everyone was thinking the original was supposed to be a gtr. I can't think of the exact name of the car but it was one of the 86 series concepts co developed by a performance company that i also cant remember the name of. The vehicles is in gran turismo 6

  34. Rick Sanchez

    I just thought every vehicle is a mixture of 2 similar real cars so they all look vaguely familiar

  35. trinity playz

    The sewer chase in the 1969 Italian job starts off a bit more like ingame, bit I think you knew that

  36. Frostymcool my boy

    6:41 nice pause

  37. Gabriel Kaganzev

    He said Arnold "Swarznigger"

  38. TrashPanda

    At the end where they rob the Union Depository, they also copied Italian job because they got 3 cars that they need to modify to carry the gold.

  39. Orbit

    The Italian job was copied by an Indian movie "players"


    Fast and furious the last one

  41. mr meme man

    Yo, If Amanda wasn't a hoe Micheal and Trevor never would have met again

  42. Rey8Gun

    The Jeep falling out the plane also references the furious 7 plane jump

  43. Casey5181

    The kitt 2000 from knight Rider is also a vehicle that appears in gta online

  44. A really really really really really really really really long name that no one cares about

    What about the big score (obvious) and Die Hard With A Vengneance's heist scene? Am I the only one that sees this connection?

  45. Andri Toomasaar

    so gta6 is out of movies to

  46. Alex Tangarov

    The one where you get rid of the actress is also similar to the ending to one of the johnny english movies

  47. AlexDaGamerPro

    I've never seen the monkeys chanting around Michael scene in GTA 5, and I have completed the game multiple times.

  48. Nott Drizzle

    The surbious looks more like the truck from death race that's what the arena cars are based off like the battle and stuff not mad max

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